The Most Tranquil Places to Meditate

Tired of meditating in your bedroom every day? In this article I’m going to explore the most scenic and interesting places you can meditate to change things up and make meditating a fun experience.

  • The beach

There’s no better feeling than being present with your own thoughts and feelings while sitting on the sand and hearing the sounds of waves crashing. If you’ve never tried this before I would strongly recommend it. Honestly no better way to feel at one with nature.


  • A park bench

Especially if there’s a cool breeze blowing onto your face, it’s such a tranquil feeling meditating in this environment. By staying completely present in the moment, and ignoring passers-by, you’ll learn to block out external noise and stay 100% grounded and present.


  • The mountains

I haven’t tried this before myself, but I believe that as long as your dressed warm enough for the environment, this can be another great way to stay

Ways to stay Looking Young and Healthy When you Don’t Have a Gym

We’ve all been there.

Perhaps you’re travelling and do not have access to a gym. Perhaps you are a student in college with no money. Or perhaps you just enjoy being at one with nature like we do.

At some point in your life, you’ve had to use mother nature to keep you looking fit, healthy and young.

In this article, I’m going to tell you the best things you can do in the serene outdoors to keep you looking fit, young and beautiful. And to make sure that you avoid having to use beauty products like xyz collagen before you should be.


  • Kayaking

In my opinion, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a watercraft, a double-bladed paddle and a rough current in the ocean. Nothing else in the world can match the pure excitement you feel when you come up to a rough current and have to work your way through it.

And it’s also an amazing workout at the same time! You’re working your lats, your biceps and burning lots of calories to look fit.

What’s more is that ou can purchase a kayak set for as little as $150… How good is that!


  • Mountain biking

Another activity that keeps you young, but is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You can feel the fresh breeze in your face and take in the awesome views knowing that with every pedal, you’re taking years off your life and getting leaner and leaner at the same time.

You can buy a mountain biking set for around $250, including the bike and a protective helmet.


  • Gymnastics in the park

Ever notice how all the gymnasts have amazing physiques? It’s no secret that gymnastics will keep you leaner, fitter and more flexible. Playground equipment has enough for you to use, especially the monkey bars which is a personal favorite of mine. Bench-hops and park bench step-ups will also ensure that you build up a sweat, thereby reducing inflammation and preventing free-radical damage. But best of all, it’s free!


  • Surfing

Another thing you’ve probably noticed but never taken the time to understand, is that all surfers are young and fit. And that’s no coincidence!

The energy and balance required to surf is surprisingly high! So much so that surfing is a prime way to be looking your best. You can buy a decent surfboard for around $100. Just be warned that it is not nearly as easy as it seems!


  • Rockclimbing

Get ready to give your hands a tough workout while you get a leaner and more toned physique at the same time. While doing so, you’ll also be shaping your back and arm muscles. A session at an indoor rock-climbing centre can cost as little as $30.


  • The good old fashioned jog

There’s no better way to clear your head in my opinion than a light jog on the beach or in the park. The rhythmic pace will help you clear your thoughts and the seratonin and dopamine produced at the end of the run will put you in a better mood. This will make you happier, younger and in better spirits.



Manly Ideas on how to bond with the Boys

Thinking of planning an activity with the boys but no idea where to start?

As a self-proclaimed “alpha-male”, I’ve done many activities with my group of boys, and like to think that I’m a subject matter expert in the area. From my 35 years of life, I’m going to share with you my top five choices to rediscover your masculinity.


Camping in the bush

There’s no better way to rediscover your manlihood than camping with nothing more than some tucker, a tent and a fireplace. Even better if you can find some benches to do some pushups and dips on. Just make sure there are no girls around to complain or cramp your style.



What’s that you say?

You don’t believe me?

Well I suggest you try it for yourself.


There’s no way to possibly feel more alpha than to burst out a rendition of Eye of the Tiger or Man I Feel Like a Woman as loud as you can with a bunch of hombres.

Try Backstreet’s Back if you really want to feel like an old school alpha male. If you’re still not feeling like enough of a man afterward, then try some Testogen. If you don’t feel like a man before then you sure as hell will after trying it!



Ever dreamt of reliving Road Trip or Thelma and Louise with a group of buddies? I strongly advise you give it a try at least once in your life. Even better if it’s a scenic trip.

Hey, you may even run into a bus full of attractive sorority girls while you’re at it… Now that’s a road trip I’d sure as hell love to be on with my friends!


Watching Sport or Playing Fifa with a Beer

An activity long enjoyed by men since the dawn of time that no woman could possibly appreciate. This will really help you bond with your amigos and give you a greater sense of manlihood. And if your team wins, your bond will be even stronger.

Swimming in the beach wearing nothing but a red speedo

Think David Hasselhoff – there’s nothing more alpha than swimming through the ocean in speedos saving people who can’t swim. And what’s more is that you’re doing a huge favour to the community while you’re at it.


Work with a buddy on his car

There’s nothing more manly than getting out your tools and fixing something that’s broken, especially if it involves four wheels and an engine. Working as a team on this will also build some much needed comradery.

How to Survive a Trek in the Inca Trail

You’ve been thinking about doing this for years, but something has finally come to spur you into action. You’ve booked your ticket to Lima, Peru and you’re over the moon.
Now, the day has arrived. But a wave of anxiety sweeps over you as you start thinking negative thoughts:
“Will it be hard?”
“Will I survive?”
“What should I pack?”
Read on, because we’re about to give you the run-down on what you need to survive this monumental activity in your life

Pack water, and lots of it
Possibly the most important piece of advice, and the easiest one to forget.
You will dehydrate more than you could ever imagine! So whatever the amount of water that you thought you were going to take, make sure you take three times that amount. Yes, THREE TIMES that amount you were initally thinking.

The high altitude is tough, I’m not going to lie. And you will feel it. It’s very difficult to get used to and in some instances, it can take a few days. So spend a few days in the city BEFORE you go on the trek.

Pack a spare change of clothes
Your hiking gear will be dripping with sweat, so in case you have a hot date afterward, you want to make sure you have a spare change of clothes that you can get into.

Pack some sports supplements
It’s going to be hot and difficult out there. So much so that you may need some extra supplementation to get you through. Niacin will increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles so will definitely help you get over the line. Here’s a guide to the best niacin supplement to help you make your decision

Remember that it’s okay to get help
There are millions of people in the world who wouldn’t even think of going for a trek through the inca trail. Just remember that. So it’s okay to partner up with a hiking buddy and get help and motivation from each other along the way.

Listen to your body
Probably the most important tip you’ll ever receive. If your body is telling you that you need more breaks, LISTEN TO IT! Don’t overstrain yourself, otherwise you run the risk of fainting and suffering from heat exhaustion.

Stay Positive
While many people would never dream of taking the hike, there are many people who have completed the hike, and you can too. Just take it one small step at a time, and keep giving yourself the reassuring words that you can do this!

Most importantly, have fun, and remember the experience!
It takes a brave person to trek the inca trail, so credit ought to be given where it is due. You will learn a lot about yourself, as well as your grit and your determination.
Make sure you enjoy the amazing views, and let us know what your trekking experience is like!