Non-prescription supplements you can take to boost muscle for men (for this Summer)


You are a dude, and one that’s trying to build some solid muscle and get ready for summer.


I get it.


You are in for a treat today my friends because I will cover the top natural non-prescription supplements you can take now that will help you build some muscle before the peak of the summer comes!


I know that most of the best supplements for gaining muscle mass are steroids, and these have a lot of history in bodybuilding, but let me tell you my friends that we are now in 2017 and there have been lots of breakthroughs and new legal and safe alternatives have come to the online shelves in the US and worldwide.


My top pick today is d-bal by Crazy Bulk.


D-bal is a legal and safe alternative to the steroid dianabol. The benefits it has over dianabol, is that it mimics the muscle building effects that dianabol would have on the body minus the side effects.


Man boobs, acne, and heart problems are things of the past. Anyway, if you still feel that d-bal does not work for you (which shouldn’t be the case unless you are alien), then you can always go for dianabol.


My second pick is d-bal max


D-bal max is also a powerful steroid alternative and a competitor to d-bal by Crazy Bulk. Both provide the same nitrogen boosting effects in the muscles, and mimic the effects of dianabol.


D-bal max does have a great price guarantee which means you have 60 days to try it and return for a full refund if you are not happy with the results.


What I want the maximum and fastests results possible?


If you are looking for the best results when it comes to building muscle and have no budget problems, then my top choices are the Crazy Bulk Ultimate stack (if you are looking to build solid lean muscle) which you can check out here. Alternatively, the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack (if you just want to get crazily ripped and show off that six pack) is effective for those looking to cut fat fast and you can see the review here


The Ultimate stack includes d-bal in it, so it’s a better value for all the best bulking supplements you are getting (as opposed to purchasing them individually).


On the other hand, the cutting stack does not include d-bal but all the necessary cutting supplements like Clenbutrol, Anvrol and Winsol.


Anyway guys, don’t forget to check out all these products which are reviewed at:  


There you will find a comprehensive review of Crazy Bulk d-bal, d-bal max and also the ultimate and cutting stacks.


Remember, building muscle and looking stunning for summer is a goal we all have as dudes, but we have a choice now, and less risky one.


Why not take it?


Also, as a bonus checkout this workout video to get you prepped for the summer:


Give it a shot and let me know what you think.