Manly Ideas on how to bond with the Boys

Thinking of planning an activity with the boys but no idea where to start?

As a self-proclaimed “alpha-male”, I’ve done many activities with my group of boys, and like to think that I’m a subject matter expert in the area. From my 35 years of life, I’m going to share with you my top five choices to rediscover your masculinity.


Camping in the bush

There’s no better way to rediscover your manlihood than camping with nothing more than some tucker, a tent and a fireplace. Even better if you can find some benches to do some pushups and dips on. Just make sure there are no girls around to complain or cramp your style.



What’s that you say?

You don’t believe me?

Well I suggest you try it for yourself.


There’s no way to possibly feel more alpha than to burst out a rendition of Eye of the Tiger or Man I Feel Like a Woman as loud as you can with a bunch of hombres.

Try Backstreet’s Back if you really want to feel like an old school alpha male. If you’re still not feeling like enough of a man afterward, then try some Testogen. If you don’t feel like a man before then you sure as hell will after trying it!



Ever dreamt of reliving Road Trip or Thelma and Louise with a group of buddies? I strongly advise you give it a try at least once in your life. Even better if it’s a scenic trip.

Hey, you may even run into a bus full of attractive sorority girls while you’re at it… Now that’s a road trip I’d sure as hell love to be on with my friends!


Watching Sport or Playing Fifa with a Beer

An activity long enjoyed by men since the dawn of time that no woman could possibly appreciate. This will really help you bond with your amigos and give you a greater sense of manlihood. And if your team wins, your bond will be even stronger.

Swimming in the beach wearing nothing but a red speedo

Think David Hasselhoff – there’s nothing more alpha than swimming through the ocean in speedos saving people who can’t swim. And what’s more is that you’re doing a huge favour to the community while you’re at it.


Work with a buddy on his car

There’s nothing more manly than getting out your tools and fixing something that’s broken, especially if it involves four wheels and an engine. Working as a team on this will also build some much needed comradery.