The Most Tranquil Places to Meditate

Tired of meditating in your bedroom every day? In this article I’m going to explore the most scenic and interesting places you can meditate to change things up and make meditating a fun experience.

  • The beach

There’s no better feeling than being present with your own thoughts and feelings while sitting on the sand and hearing the sounds of waves crashing. If you’ve never tried this before I would strongly recommend it. Honestly no better way to feel at one with nature.


  • A park bench

Especially if there’s a cool breeze blowing onto your face, it’s such a tranquil feeling meditating in this environment. By staying completely present in the moment, and ignoring passers-by, you’ll learn to block out external noise and stay 100% grounded and present.


  • The mountains

I haven’t tried this before myself, but I believe that as long as your dressed warm enough for the environment, this can be another great way to stay